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Transitioning from Worker to Entrepreneur

Transitioning from Worker to Entrepreneur
Freedom, autonomy, success & balance. As I look back over the last year, it has been a year of fun & transition in unsettling economic times. More businesses are closing than opening… But I am on a new path. From 25 years of working successfully within organizations as an engineer, manager, consultant and director, I became a small business owner, adding professional coaching certification to my mix of expertise. Thriving in my own business & full life. But knowing what I want is only a start. Building my expertise into true business & personal success is a unique journey. Here are some tips from my experience, with key success factors by milestone, for continuous, spiral growth:

I. Integrating your Business & Self Identity
Decide to BE an entrepreneur – YOUR Vision. Passion. Market Needs. Niche.
Are there rules? What is the right business? I’ve found that the answer is on the inside of myself. From your passions & drive. Generate the time & space. Balance for self, family and business. Really enjoy it all from the inside & out is much more satisfying. Coaching has provided a good tool and vehicle for my own inner journey. It’s an anchor for my business and me. Having compassion for myself, being confident with belief in the future. Taking risks out of comfort zones. Listening & interacting with trust in myself. Enjoying the journey and not just the results.

II. Planning for Success
Get into the mindset. Set long-term & incremental goals. Define success ingredients. Market. Market. Market.
I am and you are the EXPERT of our products & services. But the secret is that as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that I must also own up to the fact that I must become and EXPERT in running a business & marketing too! And it’s just as important to success. Yes – I ran marketing departments, so I knew what to do. But I had to flip a switch to put on BOTH expert hats – an INTERNAL and EXTERNAL switch – first in planning and then execution. BE THE CEO and the Worker! Fill in ALL the blanks from: What is my role in my business? Who do I need and what do I want to do? Money, resources, people, activities, etc. What is success? Including my full life – family, friends, community, home, personal growth, health… Turning what I know that I want into a working business & marketing plan. Keep it simple, but BIG. Dream big dreams. Dare to achieve them – step-by-step. Generate the connections, clients, products and atmosphere. Planning is crucial. Support & expert help is key. To bring the resources & know-how out from within…

III. Doing it!
Make it happen. Be BOTH professional & run the business. Measure, promote & evaluate. Celebrate!
Achieve goals, set new ones after learning & adjust to the times. LISTEN. Provide VALUE to clients. Trust yourself. It’s easy to put it off, give excuses, and give up. It takes time to get into the groove. I found myself out of familiar waters and without a support system that I was used to. In areas that I had taken for granted & had never really appreciated the full extent of what was necessary to do them or succeed. Thinking & mulling, instead of simply DOING what I knew should be done. You’re ready… It’s the RIGHT Business… Good Plan… So what’s stopping you?! Embrace the change. Take on the new challenges. Be proactive & persistent. Continue to act with flexibility & openness. Push forward… Get support of like-minded people. Work with people that are in synergy with your ideas and values. Have mutual respect and interest. And the desire to make a difference. Surround yourself with ingredients for success. Have fun and enjoy. Do the things that you love. Feel connected. Trust that the business results will happen.

IV. Work-Life Balance
Choice is yours. Focus and take steps that fit your mood and day. Many options are open. You may feel stuck or overwhelmed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have compassion for yourself and patience for the process to unfold and the surprises along the way. Being “stuck” is circumstance that you control. Examine your options & menu of perspectives. Choose what feels the best with a full heart and mind. Live a full life. Be positive and happy. Feeling enjoyment in the present. Living the lifestyle that is comfortable for you. Alive and centered. Believe in yourself. Believe in the path. Believe in people. No rush. A comfortable place.

For entrepreneurs & solo/small business owners in Israel, who are interested in becoming part of a circle of like-minded people for support in moving forward, I am open for registration for my NEW PROGRAM with Eldad Shary – Success & Growth Circle for Entrepreneurs & Solo/Small BusinessOwners – 1 May 2009: http://www.u-solve.co.il/flyer-success-and-growth-circle-01may09.pdf.

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