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Entrepreneurs! Join & Enlarge Your Circle!

Making Business Collaboration a Way of Life

Support, strength, knowledge, sharing.  Thanks to all who commented and provided inputs & suggestions by email on last week’s post – offline.  I’d like to encourage you to continue!  You provide inspiration to me, as it was reflected to you!  I am compiling a list of your requests and will feature posts using your inputs & zooming into areas of interest in the coming weeks…



Wishing you a happy & healthy holiday with your family, friends and colleagues.
We are in a time of change.  As we move forward into Passover – the holiday of spring, I think of blossoming, newness and freshness.  Re-charging, re-inventing and
re-engaging.  For our businesses, careers, families and ourselves.  Happy holidays!  


In this post, I will continue the entrepreneur’s journey with a missing component that I have felt – a true, support network that’s part of the process.  As I speak to many entrepreneurs & feel for myself, there is a great need and feeling for support throughout the process.  Support is provided by our friends, partners & families.  But we seek a professional, expert support that is a constant in our lives.  To share ideas, both in business, personal and family.  To fulfill this need, Eldad Shary & I formulated the idea of the Success & Growth Circle.  It’s built on the premises that solo/small business owner want collaboration and discussion for their own business & personal growth, to bring out the best in themselves & their business.  Where there is a much greater knowledge-base than what is inside.  It really propels us forward & brings out our higher motivation, focus & selves towards business success. Here are some anecdotes from my experience & some ways towards a solution for benefiting from a collaborative support network:


I. Getting Trustworthy Feedback on Ideas

Where’s my sounding board, sanity checks, devil’s advocate?  Do you find yourself looking for help?  A bit lonely, isolated and lacking real, honest assessment.  I felt like that a lot over the last year.  Sure, there were many people to speak to.  But the networking and coffees and friendships and other didn’t add up to what I was used to in my past work environments.  That consistency and flow of information.  Spontaneity.  In it together stuff.  My experience shows that collaboration works in organizations.  Collaboration benefits the business & leads to success:  a) To raise individual & leader confidence; b) For better results with efficiency & effectiveness; c) With higher motivation & morale; d) In an incubating environment – warm, enveloping stability of togetherness & fun…  I realized that this was part of the challenge in my own small business.  To create this for myself.  But the key is to go from the bunch of people with many opinions and find the TRUE trust and CHOOSE what to do.


II. Deeply Connecting to Other Like-Minded People

Keep that POSITIVE mindset. Celebrate failure along with success. Drive forward with encouragement.  I am a positive person.  I love working with people.  Learning and developing.  I’m used to success.  But what is my context?  There’s no buffer now in my business to the world.  I determine the organizational culture & what it all looks like – from top to bottom.  Where am I?  Do you compare and contrast from the books and case studies?  I found myself losing some of my characteristic energy & enthusiasm.  Without the framework and structures that I was used to.  Enjoying on the one hand the balance in my new lifestyle, but finding the new existence with no external deadlines and no-one looking over my shoulder – a bit ‘out of comfort’ & unusual.  And where are those results and that feedback and interaction?  When they come from the INSIDE, it’s the worst critic there is for me…  My growth came from reaching out.  Reaching out to like-minded, positive people.  Being able to “admit” my mistakes on the OUTSIDE.  Bouncing back to my positivism, optimism.  Being encouraged.  Failure is OK!  It became strength.  Push the negative voice away – from the INSIDE and OUTSIDE…


III. Maintaining Momentum & Strategically Planning Next Steps…

Take small steps for BIG achievement.  Listen & pace yourself.  Breakthrough is flexibility to change. Last week I wrote in this column about surrounding yourself with ingredients for success.  It’s hard work.  To me, that is the greatest gift that Eldad & I are building in the Success & Growth Circle program.  To provide an environment of fun and togetherness for that hard work to take place – making it exciting, enthusiastic and easier to grasp & achieve.  Leaving the entrepreneurial focus on being professional – building the business, the expertise & the market.  Working with clients & customers.  It’s the gift of a true place to lean on.  Really to trust that the business results will happen.  A place to help you celebrate failures along the way, grow on the inside & out.  Discover & reach for dreams.  Once the support network is there, you can relax into the stuff you love.  Free to be you.  To notice, be aware and breathe your life.  To be into & even ahead of the game and roll with the punches.  With flexibility and change.  Both intuitively & systematically.  With TRUSTWORTHY feedback, DEEP connection and SPIRAL success & growth…


Next week, I will delve into business details.  Starting with choosing a business, to planning, marketing, etc.  Be sure to let me know what’s important to you!


Register for Gloria’s NEW PROGRAM: Success & Growth Circle for Entrepreneurs & Solo/Small BusinessOwners – 1 May 2009: http://www.u-solve.co.il/flyer-success-and-growth-circle-01may09.pdf.

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