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A Success Formula?! for Entrepreneurs…

Spring Perspective – Re-charge, re-invent, re-engage, refresh!

It’s a cycle.  Building your business, project, etc – like the seasons.  Your full life.  I’ve been working in my new business for a bit over a year.  This week I take a birds eye view.  It’s what the changes and transitions of the holiday, vacation and spring do for me.  To look from the outside and see what it brings…  To take a step back.  Take a wider view of my life and business.  Appreciating the daily flow, enjoyment and fun environment.  Looking with fresh eyes at the importance of my client relationships and business & personal results.  The balance between these entities and my family. 

My realization: success for me is the balance between what I do and what I am being.  Both the objective stuff that I do for my whole life.  And the subjective view of how I feel in myself.  Together this brings the RESULTS for SUCCESS.  So I came up with a formula to summarize it all – my success formula in the works… 


III. SUCCESS = II. (Summation of PLANNED GOALS & ACTIONS) / I. (State of MIND & BODY)


I. The SUCCESS DENOMINATOR – Positive Flow (State of Mind & Body)

Listen to body.  How do I feel?  Synching with mind.  In the present – everyday – it’s not what I do, but what I think & feel that has the greatest affect.  Mindset, thoughts, perspectives, health, food, etc.  So obvious that I lots of time forget it…  Find myself at the end of the day exhausted.  Bleary-eyed.  Frazzled.  How did this happen?  Overdrive!  Doing and doing and doing.  Without listening to my body and mind.  Or Off-day!  Not being able to do and not knowing why…  The answer is there to be aware.  This is the success denominator.  If my mind & body aren’t there, the number gets higher.  No matter what I do or plan, the results are cut…  So take care.  Be aware of State of Mind & Body….  Re-charge & refresh all the time!


II. The SUCCESS QUOTIENT – Value-based Growth (Planned Goals & Actions)

Setting goals for my full life.  What do I want?  Who am I working for?  What do my clients value?  In business, I’m always looking out for my clients & what they need & want & value.  From the spring perspective, I see that what I value is also an integral part of the success equation.  In my whole life!  My planning includes a business & life plan that fits in with my values, along with my client’s values.  So my business grows in line with both.  Re-fueling the mind & body when the planning & doing is at its optimum! Re-invent & refresh all the time!



Be aware. Measure.  Plan.  Modify actions. To make the choice.  First step is awareness.  Grading mind, body & performance.  Choosing what to do according to internal and external values to keep the balance.  Taking care of all the 3 parts of the success formula.  With persistence.  Results will come…  Re-engage & refresh all the time!


What is your success formula? 

Let me know your ideas!  For your success & “formula”…  Next week, as promised, I will delve into business details.  Starting with choosing a business, to planning, marketing, etc.  Be sure to let me know what’s important to you!


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