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Are you Reinventing Yourself…

Are all entrepreneurs reinventing themselves? After reading the front page, feature articles in this month’s 100th volume of “THE MARKER” magazine (Israel’s leading business magazine) this week, I pondered this question. In the current economic climate, many of you may be asking: Should I take the leap? Go for my dream? Transition from out-of-work to business? Look for a job or take the chance and start a business? Stay with my area of expertise; or move to a totally new arena?

The MARKER’s “Readiness for Reinvention TEST” 11 Questions for Embarking “consciously” on the path of Reinvention from where you are today:

Test yourself! If you answer YES to most of the questions, it’s time for you to turn your feeling into action! (If you’re already out of work, these questions can help you to see which way to go for your next step…)

1. Do you feel satisfaction, interest, challenge and meaning in your work?

2. Do you wake up in the morning with a feeling of expectation to the new day of work?

3. Do you work in your current profession/job out of choice and desire?

4. Do you feel that as the years pass you’re losing your dream?

5. If there’s an external change (like being fired, etc.), will this give you a change to break into what you REALLY want?

6. Is there an area that you KNOW that you can succeed well in, if only the chance came?

7. Do you have a dream that you have not realized?

8. Have you checked if this dream is realistic or fantasy?

9. Are you ready to experience the dramatic changes & difficulties that accompany reinvention? (e.g., status, salary, appreciation)

10. Are you ready for the economic changes? 11. Do you have a supporting environment around you for the change?

My Reinvention Story:

What does it mean to “reinvent”? As entrepreneurs, there is much transition & learning new stuff taking place – undergoing change, being out of comfort zones, learning new areas, skills & markets. Sometimes the change is self-induced or planned & then executed with intention. Sometimes the transition or shift is due to circumstance. Does it matter which way the intention has been induced to be able to call it “reinvention”?! I became curious about my “story” after reading THE MARKER. I’ve had several reinventions in my life to date. When I reflect back, I see that I didn’t make a conscious effort to go out and change – NO… But the result is reinvention when I reflect back on the story!

In summary, I changed due to circumstance and going by my intuition. Small steps to get to my next goal – out of internal dissatisfaction mixed with what’s there. Being bolder as I get older… Making mistakes and learning and continuing on. Evolution versus Revolution. Now my goal is to help others as they go through their own path.

Here are some notes on my road:

What major, college/university? Yes – I didn’t know what to study. I got into a live-in college. BIG change. I studied science – major in chemistry. Took computer science for fun. Once I saw that I preferred the computer work, I switched majors… Small change, but BIG affect on my life & work…

Moving from US to Israel – Wow! BIG change. Culture, family, uprooting my life. I was up for the adventure. Met a great guy. Why not… Looking back it’s been quite successful. Married to this guy for over 20 years… BIG transition. Can’t say it was very planned…

Software? Family? Studies? – 20’s still experimented with my degree. Had good jobs. That was great “luck”… Computer Science was the thing… I transitioned types of work within R&D. Experimented with different types of studies – Genetics, Neural Science, Computer Science, MBA. Tried stuff on. Nothing felt 100%. In the meantime, I was working. Having kids (got to 3)… Lulling dissatisfaction… But happy to have my feet in both worlds… Not taking risks at this point… Settling… But overall balanced…

Moving up the career ladder, back to US? In the end, we moved from Rehovot to Raanana. This was a BIG change and perspective shift. Disappointment – not to US. Staying in Israel. A crossroads. So where to from here… System engineering in a larger company. Going into Management positions. That was a BIG decision. To take on managing a group. Along with bringing up my kids and keeping the family strong. A decision made out of – enough-is-enough. I can do it all… I’m going to RUN a group to MAKE IT HAPPEN… And I did… Ever 2 years taking on a different challenge, within the framework of a company. Keeping my family “afloat”…

Freelance, Own Business, Director? Firing. Change within companies. Getting stronger in myself. Keeping up with the kids. It took me a while. Several tries in fact. But I realized that the best of all worlds for me was working for myself within my own framework. Building what I want. So here I am… Still studying. Still experimenting. Still changing every couple of years. But within my home, space and self. Feeling good about where I am… If only I could have been here 20 years ago…

Share your story!

What’s YOUR reinvention story? What are YOUR challenges? Let me know! Change/shift/transition is an inherent part of the entrepreneur’s role – NEW paradigms & situations, NEW disciplines, lots of NEW – bringing necessity for LOTS of adaptation and growth, implementing new habits, fostering new perspectives and breaking old belief systems & habits. Have fun reinventing from wherever it comes…

Next week: Top 10 Entrepreneur Challenges

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