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Collaboration Today. Success & Growth Tomorrow!

I’ve worked in the area of collaboration and knowledge management in international organizations over the last 13 years and more…  My experience has brought to the forefront – on the one hand – the resistance and fear to collaborate & “let go” of knowledge and – on the other hand – the amazing benefits for both the people and the organization.  I am keen on bringing this benefit to inHaSharon entrepreneurial readers – who face additional challenges of working in a more isolated environment without “natural” feedback & interaction with peers & experienced mentors…  This is the topic that I introduce today and we plan some exciting advancements… 

Spiral Success & Growth (S&G)

Spiral Success & Growth (S&G)

What is collaboration?  Is collaboration the same as networking?  Partnering?  Sharing information?  Transfer of ideas?  Innovating for the future?  Is it within companies or between companies?  Isn’t it dangerous?!  Better to save the information and “secrets”… 

Collaboration is a MUST-HAVE in business today.  Do you believe it?  Think about where your business comes from?  How do people get to know about your services, products, business & company?  Connections and contacts bring clients and customers. Of course, the impact and/or results and/or service have to be good for your market.  But ultimately, it’s a numbers game – how many people, who are interested in what you offer, know about YOU and come to give it a try…  

The 5 Collaboration Ingredients

  1. Create Safe, Secure Zone – To be comfortable, we need a place of “no competition”…  A feeling of comfort, caring and warmth.  Unbiased and unattached to my outcome.  Yet in alignment with my challenges & state-of-mind…  Win-win versus caution and animosity – looking over the shoulder…
  2. Inspire & Motivate – Empowerment.  Knowledge.  Experience.  Innovation.  Creativity.  Fun.  What’s next?  Learn from others who are in a similar situation.  Turn failure mind-set into breakthrough…
  3. Be Holistic about Business – Is it “pure” business?  What about other components of life?  Integration of who you are, where you come from and where you want to go?  Are the compartments in you tight and want to burst?  Or too overlapping that you need some room somewhere?  Where’s the balance…
  4. No one is WRONG! – We all LOVE to give our opinions & advise.  For collaboration to be effective, mutual respect and awareness are key characteristic.  Not only do we not cast a finger of blame on others.  But we go into a discussion by thinking, “no one is 100% right” or “wrong”…  A basic principle that fosters sharing, respect and openness!
  5. LISTEN! – When’s the last time you had a place to just say what you’d like.  To be the center of the circle.  To be able to feel comfortable to say what’s on your mind – without censorship or judgment… Gain your inner confidence and security in yourself & your ideas…  

I’ve heard too many people talking about networking and contacts.  But then being disappointed in the lack of REAL contacts & feedback.  Lack of empowerment.  Feeling the power outside and not within.  

In business today, collaboration is a key attribute of success.  With collaboration, people are connected; people work as a team and the team brings more than the sum of the people….  It’s the DEEP type of collaboration that gives the BIG payoffs from DAY 1!  It makes GROWTH part of the equation.  By learning, applying and adapting to our own lives from the lives of others.  From connecting to others to provide the best solution to our client and customer challenges…  Not all networking groups or communities or forums are collaborative.  They may provide connection, outlet, answers to specific questions, contact, but not necessarily the conditioning and environment fostering change and commitment and growth…. 

My goal is to create a collaborative place where the power of experience and self-growth to be maintained inside the networking circle. Based on the 5 ingredients described above.  To be distributed to the outside by the people in the circle – their integrated growth – in the form of business successes.  Forward-looking!  To create the next wave of success & growth by bringing the success back in….  Forward-acting!  Spiral growth & success!  What do you think?!  More ideas & next steps next week! 

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