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Join Raanana’s First Entrepreneur Networking Bazaar!

What’s the U-Solve & inHaSharon Collaboration Response for Local Entrepreneurs?! 

We’re bringing the first S&G Networking Circle for Entrepreneurs to Raanana.  

When?  Sunday, 14 July at 7-9 PM. 

We’ll be holding the networking circle in Raanana on the 2nd Sunday of each month after the summer!  

How much?  The first one is FREE! 

All entrepreneurs, solo & small business owners & service providers are welcome!  For an interesting and fun evening!  Bring your ideas, questions, advertising stuff, elevator pitch and motivation! 

Mark your calendars and REGISTER TODAY at info@u-solve.co.il

Let us know if you’d like to have space on a table, for poster or at the 6-minute “Speaker Box”… 

See more info:  http://www.u-solve.co.il/u-solve-nitzanim-sandg-networking-circle-inhasharon-june09.pdf 

Why a bazaar? 

We think the key to network is getting to collaboration.  We want to provide an open environment for this to happen.  With maximum time for discussion.  With time for everyone to have the center stage.  With a place to exchange materials.  For depth and feedback. 

It’s the opportunity to exchange & test

Hear success stories.  Try your elevator pitch.  Everything goes.  Take risks & be in a place that will hold you in this place.  Experiment & grow!  There’s people around who want to listen…  

I’ve heard too many people talking about networking and contacts. 

But then being disappointed in the lack of REAL contacts & feedback.  Lack of empowerment.  Feeling the power outside and not within.  

In business today, collaboration is a key attribute of success. 

With collaboration, people are connected; people work as a team and the team brings more than the sum of the people….  It’s the DEEP type of collaboration that gives the BIG payoffs from DAY 1!  It makes GROWTH part of the equation.  By learning, applying and adapting to our own lives from the lives of others.  From connecting to others to provide the best solution to our client and customer challenges…  Not all networking groups or communities or forums are collaborative.  They may provide connection, outlet, answers to specific questions, contact, but not necessarily the conditioning and environment fostering change and commitment and growth…. 

The goal of the S&G Networking Circle is to create a collaborative place where the power of experience and self-growth to be maintained inside the networking circle. 

Share your ideas with us by answering the survey & get a complementary strategic consulting session!  For entrepreneurs, Click Here >>>

For international organizations, Click Here >>>      

Next Week:  Results of 3 BIGGEST CHALLENGES for Start-ups from over 60 Linked-IN discussion forum responses!

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