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What does a cow give?

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This morning I tried to attend a networking event in Tel Aviv – Jeff Pulver’s Networking Breakfast. I was curious to see how this event goes. To meet others, connect… But after driving for one hour from Raanana to the entry of Ayalon. And hearing on the radio there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic with another hour to go on Ayalon, I turned back… Next time… I’d love to hear your experiences from this event and others… What do you like? What is missing? What do you want?

Today’s topic: What does a cow give?

What’s the best tip that you’ve received? For Gilad Rabinowitz – CEO of EDS – it’s one that he received in officer’s course from the head officer of the course Shmulik Shmo – according to today’s “The Marker” page 39. It’s formed his philosophy of life based on the answer to the simple question: What does a cow give?

Hint: It’s not a standard answer.

Gilad relays that Shmulik would ask this question at the start of each officer’s course. Get the same standard responses from new cadets: a cow gives milk, meat, etc. Shmulik provide the “right” answer: “A cow gives sh—t! Milk must be taken.”

Gilad has turned this answer into a motto for life in general and business life in particular… Interesting… He says: “Don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t wait for gifts to arrive. Whoever wants to advance in life, whoever wants to achieve things, whoever wants to succeed – Must initiate, build, do and create!” Implementing “What does the cow give?” in career and business according to Gilad

1. DARE TO DREAM – Define what you want to achieve with concrete goals

2. PLAN ASPIRATIONS – Go for the goals according to your plan

3. BE PROACTIVE – Don’t wait! Initiate the plan

4. WORK HARD – Be determined & persistent with dream to obtain it!

I believe that this is the philosophy for being a successful entrepreneur. It’s really the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit! Of course, we love the “Cinderella story” with rags to riches from nothing to everything – magical, instant success… Luck is what we need… Waiting for luck is not the way of the entrepreneur! Instead of waiting for our prince to save us or bring us the answer, let’s make success happen. Reality shows that instant success is a nice wish, but few and far between. Make your own luck.

It’s not enough to be just talented and to want success in business. Results via action are the only sure road. Even though the path may not be smooth and the results might not be exactly according to plan, the key is to ACT with flexibility and continuing according to a modified plan that learns and advances. DREAM. PLAN. ACT. WITH DETERMINATION!

Next Week: Results of 3 BIGGEST CHALLENGES for Start-ups from over 70 discussion forum responses!

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