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Focus on Community. Report on the 1st S&G Entrepreneur Event!

Do you believe in running an “honest business” with support? Our S&G Entrepreneur Networking Circle in Raanana (sponsored by inHaSharon) provides the platform to enable you to collaborate & move forward in a non-confrontational atmosphere with the benefits of networking and more.  See the feedback & photos here:   http://www.u-solve.co.il/u-solveresources-raanananetworkingjuly09.htm

1st S&G Entrepreneur Networking Event

Mark your calendars & sign-up for the next event – Sunday 9 August 7-9PM in Raanana. Register by filling the form:  http://www.u-solve.co.il/u-solve-nitzanim-sandg-networking-circle-registration-june09.pdf

The S&G Networking Community Vision & Principles

 We strive to build a collaborative community for entrepreneurs in Israel & internationally for success and growth (S&G). The community consists of S&G Networking Circles that meet in a special environment of openness, trust and sharing for advancement of one’s self & all its members.

During the evening, everyone felt that they are part of a SPECIAL circle focused on people & business.  Based on the following principles:

  • SHARING knowledge of “Masses” versus Individual (the WIKI principle)
  • An enabling COLLABORATIVE framework – the RIGHT framework for instilling NEW processes & ideas
  • An OPEN atmosphere – open, trusting, safe & secure, experimenting, mutual support

Over 30 people attended the meeting which was held at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Raanana in a closed, private area.  After a short presentation of our vision, each participant had the opportunity for a short 15-30 second introductory message of: name, business/role and one thing currently needed.  Then, open mingling & “bazaar” (see next paragraph).  The outpouring of help & exchange from everyone was nice to see – the founding of a true community.  The added-value of saying what is needed & getting response, starting to flourish.  A list of attendees was provided to all who attended to continue with the contacts made.

The bazaar-like format & atmosphere proved to be quite successful as you can see from feedback.  Two attendees – Deena and David – had a chance to show their services & products more extensively in the presentation booths.  One attendee, Nancy, provided a 7-minute laser lecture on Cost-effective Marketing Tips & Methods from her experience and expertise.  In the future, an advice booth will be available for short tips & tricks from participants who want to share their expertise in-depth.  We will continue to streamline & improve according to group need & feedback.  Site visits between meetings will help to promote interaction between participants & move forward to next step!

Turn your business into a community. This is the message that has been re-enforced by my recent connection to Michael Phillips in San Francisco via a mutual friend in Tel Aviv.  Michael provided me a wealth of information.  He sent me his pocket book called “Honest Business” written with Salli Rasberry.  He told me how his Briarspatch Network in the 1970s, 80s and 90s fostered growth of small businesses.  Using similar principles (no idea is “new”, but tailoring it to our society & culture is the real challenge…).  With very helpful DO’s and DON’T’s, case studies & success stories to show examples of collaborative work and open books & conversations that made it happen!  It’s quite nice to see that it’s been done before.  We’re trying to recreate a similar environment in Raanana & Israel….


You’re welcome to join in our next event. To try it out, benefit & provide your feedback.  It’s a fun way to move forward with like-minded people.


* SIGN-UP for NEXT S&G Networking Event for Entrepreneurs on Sunday 9 August 7-9PM: http://www.u-solve.co.il/u-solve-nitzanim-sandg-networking-circle-inhasharon-june09.pdf Fill registration form and email back: http://www.u-solve.co.il/u-solve-nitzanim-sandg-networking-circle-registration-june09.doc

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