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Keeping your Business Focused & on Track!

The theme of this week’s article is FOCUS – the biggest challenge of an entrepreneur – for deepening learning towards positive action in this important focus4topic.  Some methods for setting the focus and being “in focus” were described in last week’s column.  But without monitoring and keeping our focus on track, we’re in danger of veering off our focus “track”.  As an entrepreneur, it’s quite natural to say YES to the new, interesting & untraveled!  Part of the entrepreneurial spirit is trying new things, being flexible, questioning and parallel processing.  But for business success, setting our focus and sticking to it is core!  Both ingredients are required! 

Try out this FOCUS FORMULA to keep you and your business on target.  It’s a “structure” to spell out your focus and enable monitoring & review – the TWO essential ingredients…  From my experience, with structured focus, you’ll gain “soft” focus for flow & ease!!!  Give it a try…    

 STEP 1:  Set YOUR business target!

What are your objectives for this year? Next 3 months? With this in mind, focus on your goals for the next month?  State the goal in specific, measurable, TTM bullseyeachievable/authentic, realistic/resonant, timed/thrilling (SMART) terms – e.g., number of clients, products produced or sold, new, persistent actions (like # client bids, presentations, etc) or income.  When you reach this goal, envision what you will get from it?  If it’s not worthwhile, then set one that is!  Make it something that will get you to your next step in your business.    

Now you’re ready for planning…  Focus on the next step in your business.  What do you have to do to bring in the money?  If it’s lining up prospects, pitching, closing the deal, delivering a quality product/service…  Around the doing, you will realize what you need in order to make it happen like a canned sales-pitch, a marketing brochure, a web site, etc…  And of course, whatever isn’t on the planning list is OUT OF FOCUS (for now…) 

Now you “know” what to say NO to… Make a list of what type of deals, prospects and activities are on you NO list for now…  It’s your CHOICE!!!

STEP 2:  Define YOUR growth deliverables & target dates for completion

What’s required to get to the next step?   What’s missing?  What’s stopping your progress?  What are tools, information or skills that you need to acquire or produce for your next level of advancement?  If you had it, it would enable you to focus and to work towards your goals more efficiently!  E.g. To soften & become fluent in your pitch & action – To gain a clearer understanding of your clients, customers & market – To use for yourself or for your partners/workers or for your promotion or for your product in your area of focus.  Define the 2-4 items that you’ll focus on now.  Give yourself a realistic time schedule to complete them.  They’re your GROWTH DELIVERABLES… You’ll get to a new level of capabilities & understanding.    

STEP 3:  List YOUR success actions + Introduce NEW activities for reaching the target

What are you doing or should you be doing everyday?  What do you need to do or have you been putting of to get to the next step?  List your new habits.  List what you’re already doing.  List what you need to do for keeping yourself on track!  Give yourself credit for what you already do.  Be persistent!  What’s NOT on the list is OK…  The structure is enabling you to focus on your target!!!  Don’t make this list too big – define the 10-12 items that are within your focus. 

STEP 4:  What permission(s) do you need for action?! – It’s not all business…

What’s holding you back from entering into this plan?  Is it a fear or resistance?  Is it other time that you must set aside for yourself, your kids, your family, etc.?  Is it a change of mindset?  Ensure that the success actions cover this list too.  In addition, give yourself permission to act towards your goals and targets. 

 STEP 5:  Monitor & modify daily to keep on track!

Review the permissions and holistic action plan daily. Modify on what’s missing or to optimize what’s not working.  Keep the flexibility.  1) Each week, evaluate your balance and permissions.  Add activities or change the permission if you’re stuck in a new place or require more specific mindset mantra.  2) Keep doing and acting over the next month.  With a place for being as well!  You’ll gain flow, ease and step-wise improvement.  3) After a month, set time to re-evaluate the goals & change the deliverables & actions for where you are. 

Have FUN!!!  Let me know how it goes…  I have a great 1-page structure to help you organize it all!  I’ll be happy to send to you if you email me with your request!

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