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Passion with a Collaborative Network for Support!

The 2nd monthly S&G Entrepreneur Networking Event held in Raanana on Sunday was very satisfying for the group of 30 people who attended.  I was warmed by the atmosphere and feedback – the connections and business being created.  The special environment served in sharing and helping between each other! Thanks to inHaSharon for their support and sponsorship.   

Next event is Sunday 13 September 7-9PM at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – 141 Ahuza Street (corner of Ben Gurion).  Mark your calendar.  Call or email me with questions or to register!  All entrepreneurs, small business owners & service providers are welcome!  See some updated pictures and feedback via the link: http://www.u-solve.co.il/u-solveresources-raanananetworkingjuly09.htm

 Event Overview

 Lots of Mingling Each participant had the opportunity for a short 30-60 second introductory message of: name, business/role and one thing currently needed. With success stories of deals closed & services rendered between participants (which already started happening!).  Open mingling & “bazaar” followed naturally!

 Presentation Booths This time we had two innovative presentations.  1) By Igo & Ishay presenting their new software innovations. 2) Yonatan presenting new green project solutions.

 Advise Booths We also had two advice providers. 1) Batia on Interior Design. 2) Reuven on IP strategies & ideas.

 Laser Lecture Interesting personal anecdotes by Grant.  Inspiring & heartfelt from his experience.  Asking questions about our entrepreneurial spirit, passions and desires.  What keeps us going?

 Introduction of Advisory Visits A new advisory team is set up to focus on some of the businesses between meetings.  We will also continue with informal meetings.  A collaborative newsletter will be introduced.

 Testimonials “Quality people” “Productive Meeting” “Great event” “Good contacts” “Like the advisory board idea”

 Entrepreneur Messages

 I was deeply inspired by Grant’s laser lecture and the event as a whole.  It brought to the forefront the need for focus in our efforts.  Crystallized for me, that at the core of every successful entrepreneur is passion.  This is the prime ingredient.  But it’s not enough.  It’s the persistence to follow through with plans with belief, determination and confidence. 

 The entrepreneurial spirit is greatly fostered by a supporting environment.  I see my dream of a collaborative framework of support for entrepreneurs coming to a head.  What will keep this going?  Sustaining?  It’s the PEOPLE!!!  They WANT it!  They are looking for this environment.  The seeds are there.  It’s the determination that will make it happen!    

 Have a GREAT rest of summer…  I’m taking a BREAK for the next 2 weeks during my family trip to the US.  Be back in September with MORE thoughts for entrepreneurs!!!!

 Have fun!!!

Mingling at 2nd Entrepreneur Networking Event in Raanana
Mingling at 2nd Entrepreneur Networking Event in Raanana
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