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Distributed Communities

One of the joys of my entrepreneurial life over the last 2 years is being involved in the community.  Working in knowledge management in organizations for over 10 years gave me a sense of community within organizations.  But I was missing the “real” community involvement. 

Now I’ve applied my organizational expertise outside.  A monthly Women-in-Business Club.  A monthly Entrepreneur Networking group.  Being part of founding a professional non-profit organization to promote knowledge management in Israel.  Reviving the Hadassah chapter in my area.  Adding on-line support.  But primarily focusing on face-to-face meetings.  The power of discussion and conversation.

I’ve also been involved in international learning communities.  To receive my CTI coaching certification in a 9-person group from California, Michigan, Canada, London, Denmark, Netherlands to Israel.  For business mentoring from Canada, US 2 coast, Spain, Switzerland to Israel.  With my international clients by phone.  Really seeing how we can connect VERY deeply virtually!

My experience outside organizations and with diversified communities has provided me with a perspective on my organizational work that is very powerful.  The people aspect.  The sharing.  The deep possibilities.  In energies.  In teamwork.  In authentic support.  I take that with me in my work with business managers, leaders and teams.  It’s brought me insight into what’s the PROCESS.  What’s the importance of natural energies.  Versus competency.  Realizing goals.  Achieving results.  In a natural rhythm.  A balance in life and work.

I look forward to continuing the adventure!

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