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Aha Moment – Assessing my energy

I couldn’t agree more with Gloria about how excited we are to work with you and integrate this new tool that assesses where your energies are best.  Its amazing how there are some things that we are natural at.  When we work with others and collaborate wouldn’t it be great to know we have a team that encompasses all the energies.  That we have those that are strong on the ideas side, others that know to inspire and excite, members that are great at planning and putting it all together and those that act on the plans.

In my experience in the manufacturing industry I noticed how when working with Engineers the team often lacked excitement.  These were serious folk who were amazing at  coming up with great ideas and could analyze, however they were not the best at inspiring others about their concept and so a good idea might get lost.  Knowing that they could have someone on the team who naturally motivates would help get many a project approved.

My aha moment when reading my assessment report was to see that my “execute” energy was naturally over.  In other words the doing was so important to me that I naturally go here.  Now I understand why I have invested time and learning into Organization skills and strategies.  Today I am an expert in these areas that I chose as I saw how this was lacking in me.   I realize the value of planning…Fail to plan, Plan to fail.   It’s a part of me that is not natural, however through personal development I have cultivated this energy.  I now can be conscious of not going too quickly into the doing of things and staying a little longer into the analysis and planning.

Its amazing what you can do with your team when you know were everyone is at.  Delegation of tasks can be so much more efficient.   Collaboration is SO MUCH EASIER, it can then flow seamlessly.

by Samantha Amit

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