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Energy Process Assessment

Over the last month I’ve been looking for a product to help my organizational and business clients get a better awareness and understanding about their way-of-work as individuals and within global teams.  My search led me to some interesting people, conversations and realizations.  In the end, I found a 2-minute energy assessment that I related to immediately.  I was amazed when I researched it how much I connected to the premise.  Not having to think about personality, traits & other terms, but how it related directly to the process of work.

When I took the assessment for myself, I was even more amazed how the report’s content and graphs brought a focus to how I work, learn and my preferences.  How this relates to collaborating with others.  What’s easy.  What takes more effort and what causes stress.  It provided clear insights on the teams that I work with.  Tips & tricks!  So simple, but powerful!

I found a jewel.  Can’t wait to have my clients & teams enjoy from it too!

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