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Enjoy the moment!

I got an email this morning from a member of the monthly Entrepreneur Networking meeting that I run in Raanana.  He notified that he wasn’t able to attend today due to a meeting that he couldn’t move.  Then wrote “enjoy the meeting.”

These words made me think.  Yes – I plan to enjoy.  But sometimes, I know that I get so wrapped in what I want to obtain.  What I expected or thought would happen.  How the event is going.  Is everyone ok & enjoying.  That I forget a simple thing – to be there & enjoy myself!

In the book “Principle-Centered Leadership” by Stephen R. Covey, that I’m currently reading – Covey talks of 8 characteristics of stable & trust-worthy leaders.  The last characteristic that he mentions is: “They Exercise for Self-Renewal”.  This characteristic hit a very interesting place in me.  Since I’ve been paying attention to my energy management and how it effects myself & my business for the last several years.  I’ve integrated daily aerobic exercise into my routine.  I notice that it focuses my energies.  Burns off the excess.  Makes my day!  I’ve recently added another energy management activity to my daily routine – a reminder in my outlook calendar pops up at the end of each day to Breathe – 3 deep breaths – and think of 3 good things from the day.  This simple action has made a marked difference to me & my being – to stop and reflect – to appreciate & be grateful for what’s there – to enjoy the momment.  Starting from reflection – but I find that it also has come to affect me as life & action happens…  To slow down a bit…  Breathe… 

In his book, Covey connects this self-renewal characteristic with the last of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – “to sharpen the sword”.  He maintains that leaders who perform regular exercise of the 4 dimensions of the human personality: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual – become more balanced.  Improve quality, productivity & satisfaction.  Takes some work in integrating into the normal day – but in the long run, it saves a GREAT deal of TIME. 

I love my morning exercise routine.  Evening reflection time.  Makes a BIG difference to me.  The challenge for us all: To see what we can do to enjoy the moment.  Manage our energies.  For our self-renewal, balance, effectiveness & fun.  Leading to success & satisfaction.

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