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Workshop at KM Conference: Personal and Team Success using your natural Energies in a KM Project

We opened up today’s KM conference with a workshop on non-other than realizing your natural energies in the workplace. We introduced the tool that we are using in organizations to assess both individuals and teams natural strengths. It’s a holistic approach that looks at the individual as a whole and how he reacts and responds in a work process and throughout a project.

If we assume that there are four main stages in a business workflow and that these can be mapped to our energies that we feel. The first is a creative one where ideas are bounced back and forth. The start of a new project. The second energy is people and relationship orientated. Motivating and encouraging others about the ideas. Who are the key players that we want Buy in from? The third energy is planning. Getting down to detail, analysis, writing specifications, and any and various business plans. The fourth energy is the Doing. Getting down to business. Putting the plan into action.

I react differently within each of these phases. A stage may be difficult and stressful, draining to my energy or it may be uplifting easy, flowing and effortless. Its possible to rate your level of how you feel. For example, you may be successful and still feel drained after a motivation workshop with a team of managers to gain buy in for the knowledge management project.

Success comes to those that know themselves and personal satisfaction increases when we know our natural energies When you know yourself better and realize your natural strengths as opposed to your competencies per-se then not only can you be more successful, you can also experience a great sense of well-being.

We did 2 different exercises with group. The first involved everyone checking out what their natural energies were and someone in the group was amazed to see that she was a natural in the first phase of Ideas and Creativity and that the second phase was difficult for her. The second phase was one that she is involved in a lot at the moment. Seeing this gave her a sense of relief. The full report that she can receive when doing the full live assessment would also give her coping strategies helping balance her energy.

The second exercise was in small groups of 5. The groups debated over challenges that they are experiencing in their teams today and what energy is sometimes missing. They then shared this in the bigger group. What came out is that the motivation energy is so important in convincing others of the importance of knowledge management, and for cooperation and participation to take place. This is therefore a key energy needed on the team.

We concluded – fairly rapidly as the next workshop was about to begin with the advantages of assessing your whole team in order to see what the balance of energies are and also to understand your colleagues better and determine what if anything is missing. We gave a special offer to the group until 22 March 2010 to do the assessment, together with the full report and a coaching session for only 399 NIS.

See more info & some pictures: http://www.usolve.co.il/u-solveresources-km-energies-workshop-feb10.htm

We had fun and the participants left with food (natural energy) for thought.

Sam and Gloria – KM Conference Feb 22 2010

Photo Courtesy of Ronen Baum

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