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5 Tips – Being invaluable to your manager

In today’s economy where cutbacks are common, its important to stand out and be invaluable to your manager and to the organization.

I can speak from experience as having been a manager in a global software organization for many years, Baan Company, and watching retrenchment occur year after year. Its paramount to make a difference.

Today I share my experience with managers, as an executive coach and mentor as to how to build these valuable relationships within your company, your teams and especially directly with your manager.

Here are some things that you can bolster your relationship with your manager:

  1. Understand your manager and learn his or her management style. If you like details but your manager doesn’t then be sure to be specific and give him or her the bottom line. If your manager prefers formal meetings then make these in advance.
  2. Pay attention. Notice when you are needed, watch for the right timing in talking to your manager, listen to your intuition.
  3. Stretch yourself. Do more than what is asked or expected of you whilst maintaining a work-life balance.
  4. Maintain a positive attitude and look for what’s working and how to improve on this. Its easy to complain.
  5. Know what your manager’s interests are and develop a re-pal with him or her. Your manager may be under pressure and sometimes small talk about something he or she likes can be very rewarding for both of you.
  1. April 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    personal relationships with managers is something that needs to be formed. necessary attitude of confidence and not too built. do not appear if you are a sycophant, but do it with ease, enjoy your time talking with managers

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