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Great Leaders Make Wise Decisions

Every second of our day is about making choices. The choices we make are integrally related to our decision making. How aware are we of the consequences of that decision?  So it is with  management decisions.  If we assume that as in life, in business things are forever changing then   as a leader you will  need to be adept at making decisions.

How much time do you have to make your decisions?  Are you impulsive or do you sit down to think.  If you had to picture a camera lens focusing on a project you are responsible for and the impact of it on the business and the people around you –   Do you take time to zoom in and out, looking at both the narrow and the wide picture, are you able to identify the ramifications of  your decision?

When a problem arises during a project or business process, great leaders take a moment or two, or three! to inquire into each situation and  may ask:

Have I seen something like this before?  What is different this time?

Is their an opportunity here – what is it?

What am I overlooking?

Is their a deeper problem – perhaps this is just a symptom of something bigger?

Who can help me with this challenge?  Who are the experts – in my team, within the organization or outside consultants?

How involved are my team?

What methods can I use?

What will be the impact if we decide to do this?  Or that?  What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Who is affected by my decision?

Do I have the authority to decide?

It this the right decision for our organization and in keeping with its values and vision?

What does my intuition tell me?

What else?

Wise leaders ask many questions of themselves and others, they communicate and involve others in their management, including their mentor or coach.

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