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Great Leaders Value Good Communication

Communication incorporates verbal, written, body language and the nuances of this like voice tone.   Companies realize the huge benefits of investing in training for improving communication skills for managers and also team members.  Good communication among team members can increase the level of motivation and of understanding and play an important role in a teams success.

I remember ten years ago as a young manager how my communication skills improved after a  training course.   At this time I realized that I didn’t know how to listen.  My mind was not on the speaker but rather thinking about what I wanted to say, often jumping to a solution before even hearing about the whole problem.  I made it a goal to work on this and it took months.  I practiced listening to the words of my colleague and then later I practiced to see if there was a bigger picture, listening to the unsaid, then later listening to the tone of voice, watching for body language.

Since definition of goals is critical, ascertaining that the goals are clearly defined, communicated and understood should be the responsibility of the team leader.  A leaders body language together with tone of voice can be uplifting and encouraging or it can be critical and discouraging.   The leader sets the stage and can advocate open communication, cooperation and sharing of knowledge amongst team members, the importance of listening, giving respect to others, and team encouragement.   Constructive feedback given together with appreciation can be very helpful.

Good communication has been traced to be one of the key factors in determining a teams success and in fact  poor communication is a recipe for failing or delivering bad results.

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