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The NEW leadership formula = Creating Sustainable, High Performing Teams

Like a key igniting the engine, the leader is an integral part of driving the team; like the engine, the team is the basic operational component in business. Today’s best business practice calls for a shift in focus – from productivity & individuals to growing teams. From developing leadership skills to developing the TEAM intelligence.

Thriving teams blend 2 dimensions: 1) Productivity – at its core, teams exist to produce results! 2) Positivity – as we all experience; teams are very affected by the environment!  The new leadership challenge is the art of creating a balance between positivity and productivity where the team is a robust, high performing unit leveraging MORE; and individuals thrive too! Leaders succeed in producing results with a team focus.

Reflecting back: Most of the teams that I’ve been part of or seen around me in my Israeli & US hi-tech career have a paradox. Great people. Competent individuals working. Adrenaline & achievement. Success! Yet – Lots of hours at work. Lots of “wasted” hours in meetings. Decision-making taking forever or changing 180 degrees mid-project. Lack of agreement in common direction. Inconsistent results – success is hard to repeat, little methodology & organization, much duplication of work with little reuse, loss of motivation. Plus from the personal side: Full of politics. Getting ahead. Burnout. Turf protection. Firefighting. Finger pointing… Not such a pretty picture…

When I think about my time as leader, I see how the optimism, constructive, direct communication and respect were cornerstones to making my teams a bit different. With experience, I learned to trust others more, let go and listen. Be more open to all that was said. Balance my role of the leader, and also be part of the team. Ensure alignment and focus with common goals. My natural positive personality made a difference. More creativity, innovation, appreciation, mutual respect and proactively doing. Results still happen – With challenge and lots of work to produce great results. AND it’s lighter, more fun, flowing, with additional zest, more inspiring & flexible….

What’s missing? 1) What’s beyond productivity, challenge & results? 2) What’s beyond the individual – leaders and high potentials? Stars – going ahead… Status. The next position. 3) What’s best for sustaining business and satisfied people? Focusing on the way of work and the journey. Oiling the “trustworthy engine” for optimal functionality. The missing ingredient: creating high impact teams.

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