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Lands Work for Strengthening Collaboration

I presented a Lands Work exercise for Strengthening Collaboration at a Networking meeting last month in Modiin that helped the members to see each other differently. They had been meeting for 2 years and wanted some new energies and ideas. The Lands Work provided just that. To gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like in each other’s business landscape and how fostering synergies can boost each other’s businesses.  So I’m sharing it with you to try out for yourself!

I’ve also used the exercise for building more understanding between women. To cut the outside facade.  Really listen and know each other. To see beyond what’s been going on. Defining proactively a new way forward.

Feedback from both groups has shown value in the pairs, but also can be used for the individual.  To look at a situation from different sides.  As well as serving teams and/or  departments in organizations.

Why? Cause you go deeper and really listen than we tend to do everyday. We really want to know how a person, team or department feels? What motivates them? What’s important? We feel understood and listened to. Respect.

We also have a chance to express ourselves. Get to the bottom-line. Not be in positions, but see that there’s different views. All are OK. No one is RIGHT.

Once this is done. There’s a shift.  Unexpected stuff happens. Creating an open air for new creationsm, ideas and synergies. Combining the “I” to “We”.  When we’re truely seen.

Being a tourist in Lands makes us relaxed. Curious. Fun. Open. Opens us to world!

Give it a try with yourself on a situation that your boggled with, that requires understanding. Can be within yourself, with a relationship or between teams or within your team. It’s bound to provide new insights and thoughts!

How to Steps:

1) Determine topic to focus on within a relationship that requires better understanding.

2) Be a tourist of each others “lands”.  Leave your baggage.  Really be curious and listen.

3) Explore “My Land”

4) Explore “Your Land”

5) Discover “Our Land”

6) See what’s next? for you to unfold and bring into everyday awareness and action!

7) Have Fun!!!

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