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Why should I contribute to the team?

A frustrated team leader asked me the question: How can I motivate the team members to contribute to the team?  The people on the team don’t understand why it’s not enough to do just their part and reach their individual goals. Why should I spend time and energy on others and the team? What does the team really give me? They ask…  Do you wonder the same?

How can the value of the TEAM be understood?

It’s interesting that this is still a question for team members.  As a leader, our goal is to get results and maximize the team impact.  It’s the mantra of all the latest management research….  But it’s a process to make individuals understand.  Share.  Collaborate.  Make 1+ 1 > 2….

One way to approach is to gain realization from the inside:  To reflect on your BEST TEAM experience. Each person has experienced being part of a GREAT team in their lives (or a team that’s brought them down…) Once they reflect on their experience and focus on the TEAM and not just themselves, the experience comes to life.  What makes a team great? (or what’s missing in teams that don’t function well…)  How can the learning apply to my present team?!

Some steps to implement BEST TEAM experience:

First – Think back over your career and life. What group experience stands out for you where the sum of the parts was MORE than the individuals….

It can be a sports, music or professional team or group….

Reflect on the following questions:
– What did you feel as part of this group?
– What were the qualities that made it GREAT?
– What did you achieve?

Now – think about the current teams?
– What’s strong?
– What can make them better?
– What’s missing?
– What’s next?

Leaders today are challenged to get the best results. They know that more is achieved by a team, not just a bunch of individuals. But it takes time and space to develop the team culture. Part of everyday process.

All successful teams have similar components? By looking together and sharing BEST team experiences, individuals begin to value the TEAM. To see what it takes to get the results: both being productive. Plus, the positive atmosphere. Both areas are there in BEST team experiences!

Once the TEAM is in focus, there is more desire to invest!

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  1. Peter Hård
    December 20, 2011 at 7:31 am

    Great presentation Gloria

    • December 20, 2011 at 7:43 am

      Thanks Peter! It’s amazing how we can miss the simple stuff…. People on the team need to understand it’s value: What’s in it for me!

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