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Are you in Right Relationship in your business/team and personal life?

In your business, teams or personal connections, reflect on the following:

  • Do you experience negative communication?
  • Are you feeling misunderstood?
  • What’s not aligned?

You know when things in the team or relationship is “right” or not….  But how can you go from this intuitive, gut feeling to making a change?

A team example: Last week I was working with a great team in a hi-tech organization.  Once we had the entire team together in the room talking about the issues, listening to each other in a positive communication space, we could become aligned.  Advance.  Plan the path forward.  We experimented with some simple, yet powerful exercises to reveal where the team currently is.  It’s quite fun and educational.  Lots of immediate impact on the team.  All fostered by more awareness!

The first step is awareness of the issues.  The crucial point for any type of relationship – whether it’s in business, teams or in your personal life – is ensuring that the whole relationship system is aware. It’s easy to complain to others.  Keep things to yourself.  But once the step of sharing and communicating starts, true system awareness fosters new discovery and unfolds action for better results as a team.  Springing from a neutral place of “what is”….

What prevents advancement and better communication? Learn about how the 4 relationship toxins look in live conversation via this 5-minute video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQOgAgfDm_8&feature=share

Right relationship is creating the balance of commonalities and differences in the relationship system.  Where connection is healthy and positive.  Where the atmosphere fosters creativity and growth.  A beautify symbiosis and synthesis.  According to the Center of Right Relationship (CRR), there are three parts to Right Relationship: 1) Being in Right Relationship with self (i.e., emotional intelligence or EI).  2) Being in Right Relationship with others (i.e., social intelligence or SI).  3) Being in Right Relationship with the entire system or whole (e.g., team intelligence, collective intelligence or system intelligence).  Where all voices and actions influence and echo in the system or team.

Designing anecdotes to negative behaviors provide a more positive environment.  More positive bids and softening of the atmosphere can be instrumental in repairing and turning around the relationship.  Positivity is a key ingredient of Right Relationship!

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