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Are you rolling in the deep?

I heard the song “Rolling in the Deep” this morning during my daily workout.  It’s now stuck in my head…  Gave me some inspiration at the start of my day.  You can view and hear Adele’s live version here to experience it for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiMK9e0h6YE

The song took me to my essence.  As I felt a jolt in my body and aura in my stomach.  Made me think: What makes my heart on FIRE?  Am I rolling in the deep?

Upon reflection, I feel that this is what I’m doing now as I focus on my work with creating positive, productive teams in organizations.  As I work with high-achieving women leaders.  When I see a team or leader transform and advance. To me, it’s being in the ZONE.  Challenged.  Reaching for more.  Out of my comfort zone.  Going for what I want to achieve. 

  • Are YOU rolling in the deep?  Sitting in the fire. In the zone. 
  • How does it feel?!
  • What is the powerful perspective that keeps you there?


  • What do you need to do to make this happen?!
  • Are you in need for a powerful change in perspective like in Adele’s song.  From SCORN that’s bringing her down. To HEART ON FIRE bringing out the passion and warrior! 
  • What will work for you to make you rolling in the deep?

When your team and yourself are rolling in the deep you’re feeling like you can conquer the world.  Working together.  Connected to your core and essence.  Aligned.  A place that makes the day and chores flow with fun and collaboration!


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