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3 Women Entrepreneur Differentiators – an empirical summary

Last night we held a FreshBiz game for Developing Entrepreneurial Thinking at the Raanana Women in Business Club that I’ve been facilitating for the last several years.  A fun and enlightening experience for all those who attended.

This was the first women-only event featuring this interactive game.  At the end of the event, I asked the facilitator if this game was different than the tens of others that he’s participated in? He said “Of Course!  With men, it’s much more agressive, competitive and going for the WIN…”  We went on to brainstorm what’s different with women entrepreneurs!  There IS a difference….

The 3 Differentiators of Women Entrepreneurs as compared to men players of the same game:

  1. Collaborative – the women coordinated their game moves; they thought together and shared information; creatively worked to advance themselves and others
  2. Structure & rules adherent – the women make an effort to fit into the structure; rules are important and taken seriously; it took a while to get into the game due to the multitude of new rules; understanding and following the rules set affected game flow
  3. People centric – strong sensitivity & intuition for the other was demonstrated by the teams of women to keep everyone involved and present; people focus was more prevelant than results focus

What are the lessons as I reflect back on my everday business?

  • Re-evaluate goals periodically – Importance of goals.  If you didn’t set a goal at the beginning of the game, it’s hard to focus and evaluate success at the end.  Follow-up is key to keep on track and balance emotional decision-making; first set the goal!  but go back and see how to change them for focus
  • Keep unique competencies in focus as calling cards – Capitalize on the strengths you have with respect to others.  Can be a driving force. They’re your calling cards. Use them wisely.  Most importantly: Think of how to apply your strengths in solving problems and enhancing others! It serves both you and them better! Continue to refine: What are my calling cards? How can I put them to better use?
  • Use multiple ways of action in strategy and marketing –  There’s many dimensions, possibilities and ways to go forward (dice, stock market, revenues, casino…).  Some actions are baby steps while others are giant steps or leaps; strive to incorporate your out-of-the-box thinking for maintaining multiple routes to enable the leap!

What do you think differentiates women entrepreneurs?  What are YOUR differentiators?  What can you do to use your special qualities more? For you and others to create the business that you dream of?

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