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Do you REALLY want to look in the mirror?

Not everyone wants to live with the TRUTH….  People may prefer to talk around, communicate indirectly, act like everything is fine, while boiling inside…. 

What’s hiding underneath the indirect action?  Who’s it serving?  My style is direct, confronting issues and putting up a mirror.  From a belief that people want to hear it like it is.  Authentically.  Boldly.  Straight.  It’s a place for knowing where you are.  A baseline to grow from…

At times, the reflection of the mirror causes “interesting reactions”….  A team or individual may not be ready to see what’s there.  Or it becomes personal.  (and it’s NOT personal…) 

So what’s happening to YOU when you look in the mirror?  Ask yourself:

  • Do you open your eyes to what’s happening around you?
  • Do you see what others see in you?
  • Is there an ELEPHANT in the room? 
  • Do you want to reveal it?

It takes courage to face the mirror.  Trust.  Confidence.  To gain perspective and really see what’s there makes you grow, waste less time and advance!

To develop this muscle, ask yourself:

  • What bothers you when you look in the mirror? 
  • What happens to you when others reveal what they see? 
  • How does the ELEPHANT serve you?

Once you feel comfortable looking in the mirror, you’re confidence will deepen.  You’ll be able to relax around others.  Accept feedback. 

Once a TEAM feels comfortable at the mirror’s reflection, they’re ready for collaboration, constructive interaction and more productivity and efficiency! 

TRUTH can be difficult to look at….  To give space to all the voices, not marginalizing ones we don’t like….  But once this happens, we’re in a SPACE of continuous learning, fun and high performance.  Resilent and robust….

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