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What happens when teams CONNECT?

The essence of a great team is connection.  We all intuitively know it in our gut. We feel it in all our relationships.  When there’s connection, it’s the spark – like magic….

Last week, a colleague reminded me of a research paper that I heard about last year. “The Role of Positivity and Connectivity in Performance of Business Teams: A Nonlinear Dynamic Model” by Losada and Heaphy.  As I read this paper, I was fascinated to unfold details of how the math validates our intuition.

Connection drives performance.  At its essence, connectivity is strong interaction between team members.  Creating interdependency.  The more strong the connectivity –> the higher performance.  Less connectivity (silos) –> low performance.

We all feel connectivity in the atmosphere or emotional space.  If its high connection, there’s a buoyancy and lightness.  Appreciation, encouragement, expansiveness, open to possibilities for action, with creativity and innovation abound!

If connectivity is low, the atmosphere is restrictive.  Lack of support and enthusiasm, distrust and cynicism.

If connectivity is somewhere in the middle, there’s less mutual support and enthusiasm.  But not the distrust and cynicism.

So, we KNOW the essence of connectivity.  The article shows how its linked to performance.  3 behaviorial ratios that effect performance can be directly observed:

  1. Positivity / Negativity
  2. Inquiry / Advocacy
  3. Other / Self

The Findings: High positivity ratios (over 5/1) and balanced ratios with more inquiry and openness to others are the controlling factors for high performing team.  It all stems from connectivity.

The good news is that the model is based on MetaLearning (ML) – i.e., teams can dissolve factors that close them in and evolve behaviors and actions that open possibilities for effectiveness.

What’s happening on your teams?  Are you highly connected?  It’s worth spending time on effort on connectivity.  Your business will get more results.  Your team will shine.  Go from good to great inside and out!

  1. January 31, 2012 at 6:02 am

    This is great Gloria
    Do you know where i can get a hold of the research
    or have you any tips on where to find good stuff on teams
    I am blogging too – in swedish though…

    Peter Hård

    • January 31, 2012 at 6:38 am

      Peter – Great to spread the word of this interesting research! If you google the title of the article: The Role of Positivity and Connectivity in Performance of Business Teams: A Nonlinear Dynamic Model, you should find the pdf to download. (that’s what I did after my colleague in Vancouver reminded me of it…) It’s quite a technical article of about 27 pages with nonlinear model and differential equations. So worth the summary of key points and simplification of what’s the value for teams. BTW: I’m planning 3-4 more entries using this material combined with experience from the field. Be nice to exchange ideas/topics on the team specialty. Have fun blogging! Gloria

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