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What’s the NEW model for today’s teams?

Connection drives team performance.  That’s the message of Losada & Heaphy’s nonlinear dynamics and empirical research (see post “what happens when teams CONNECT?!”).  Businesses want efficiency and results.  How are results achieved in organizations?  By teams!  Teams exist to produce results.  Our goal is therefore high performing teams.

The old, out-of-date model for team development is Form-Storm-Norm-Perform (Tuckman).  In today’s world of work which is so fast-paced and where change is continuous, this simply is not working….  Performance is a context, not an outcome of teams.

The new model focuses on Connect-Engage-Act (Smith & Berg).  Based on creating the right relationships in teams that can be flexible and withstand change, strain of opposition and conflict.  Connection is the basis.  Its the performance driver.  Leaving performance as the context. The new model is supported by Losado and Heaphy’s mathematical model. Connect-Engage-Act is a virtuous circle of team dynamics.  Integrating differences, accepting diversity, responsive to one another.  Leading to openness, empathy and trust.  For a sustainable unit over time that’s attuned to the fast-paced, changing business environment.

The bottom line:  The new model for today’s teams focuses on relationships and connections in teams from the start. No time to wait for forming, storming and norming. Put Performance in Context. The organizational product is the Connected Team.  The Connected Team is the team that succeeds in today’s business environment of flux, change and fast-paced.  The Connected Team is the one that engages, acts and brings business results!

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