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How do you create the Magic of TRUE Curiosity in your teams?

What are the characteristics of a truely curious team From my experience with many types of groups, teams and relationships in my life and career, the ones that are best and most fun for me – are the ones that have an aliveness.  Filled with openness, possibility, challenge and creativity.  Questioning and new ideas are part of the fabric of work.  Where everyone’s inputs are welcome and valid.  It’s TRUE curiosity.  So how does it happen?

From the Losada & Heaphy research, we see the important place of the TRUE curiosity balance in business teams.  (last post inspired from the landmark article – see first one “what happens when teams CONNECT?!”)  First, a balance between Inquiry & Advocacy.  Promoted by the skills of active listening, bottom-lining and acknowledgement.  Alongside the Inquiry/Advocacy balance, there’s an additional DEPENDENCY of  this balance on achieving a balanced relationship between Other & Self in the team.  Once this symbiotic balance is part of the team’s emotional space, more positivity is enabled!  With positivity and connection, the magic happens….

What creates the magic?  At the bottom of it all, if people are only looking at themselves – what they think and what’s in it for me – there’s an emotional blockade….  Once the perspective of others are part of thinking and interaction, respect is raised.  Openness is now part of the space.  We are listening to what’s outside of ourselves without judgment.  From this place of Other/Self balance, we are now socially aware and connected.  True curiosity is catalyzed…

What brings TRUE curiosity?  Consider the ACT of communication.  Do we talk AT each other?  Do we say what we believe and mean?  Do we consider other’s thoughts and modify?  Do we ASK questions?  TRUE curiosity is the place when the Inquiry/Advocacy is in balance – where there’s just as much questions and really listening to the answers as there is stating what we think.  When are statements are TRUELY affected by others….  It’s a place of fascination, respect AND trust.

So what are the 4 steps to do it?!

  1. Create a space for the team members to be exposed to each others’ perspectives
  2. Ensure all voices are heard (listening without judgment)
  3. Encourage questions and true listening to response
  4. Expose the new creations of the team!
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