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Why Management and Origami?!

1. Magic Pinwheel Leaf

I was fascinated to receive this month’s publication of the TheMarker Magazine – Israel’s #1 Business Magazine featuring the latest Management teachings.  Accompanied by origami!

 Why Origami?  For several years, I’ve been working with an origami model that I created for 21st century managers and leaders.  Loved to see origami spread out all over the magazine with a different schematic presented with each topic.  Origami is the art of folding.  Taking a simple square paper and magically transforming it into a shape by simply folding with no glue or other connections.  According to Japanese philosophy, origami develops creativity, self-discipline and accuracy.

2. Magic Pinwheel Connection

Origami is a gateway for entering the Management pathway. Management is both art and science.  In school, lectures and courses, we study the science, facts and case studies.  We get the logic, the intellect, the rationale, etc.  But experience is the best teacher.  Tailoring the case studies to our own personalities and specific business and culture.  Origami opens the mind to our own thoughts, methods and creativity.  Integrating the rationale with ourselves.  Thinking about what it means for me as a manager.  Skills, situations, behavior, strengths, new learning, etc.


Origami is folding AND unfolding.  Patience, concentration and accuracy are required.  Flexibility and surprise is the result.  Management requires crossing edges.  The method is in the origami.  Not just folding, but unfolding.  Learning how to cross the edge…  It’s the first step towards embracing others, outside events and change!

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