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5 Keys to Unlocking Effective Communication for MORE Engagement and Sales

What’s common in: 1) employee engagement, 2) relationship marketing and 3) client-driven sales?

Answer: Effective communication empowers the relationship! 

Building a coactive relationship provides the solution to relationship empowerment.  For sales, marketing and employees.  It puts the relationship in focus.  Especially needed in today’s social business landscape, we zoom into developing special partnerships where direct, effective communication lifts people for business and personal success.  Where the collaborative creation space is paired with the proactive doing component.  A true bond.  Fostering an environment of trust, integrity and responsiveness.  An aliveness, openness and courageous connected space!

How are effective relationships nurtured by individuals?  According to CTI, there are 5 coactive relationship contexts that characterize “changing business and transforming lives”:

  1. Curiosity – a place of fascination!  like a child.  with powerful, open questions? that you want to know answers to…
  2. Listening – consciously placing the spotlight on 3 levels: what’s happening to self, to others and in the world around
  3. Self-Management – ability to get out of self and connect to others
  4. Intuition – trusting inner wisdom, metaphor and essence for taking charge
  5. Forward Action & Deepen Understanding – balancing between awareness and forward action.  To grow, develop and transform…

Developing these 5 relationship skills is the key to success in today’s social business landscape – inside and outside the organization.  Empowering people AND their relationships.  I strive to act with these contexts in mind in my life and work.  I find that it helps to put a framework and balance to what’s going on for me.  With greater perspective, wisdom and learning.  Think about how you can incorporate them more in your everyday actions!

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