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Discovering your Management Strengths with Origami

This week I enjoyed a new collaboration with a colleague in a joint area of expertise: Management.  We decided to see how the lecture material that she uses fits with the magic pinwheel origami discovery tool that I’ve been using with my leadership clients, teams and groups.  The lecture provides the overview, details and know-how. The origami focused on the essence for personal assessment & integration of knowledge. Via the origami, we were able to deepen the two main aspects of successful Management: Being (Co-) and Doing (Active).  The result: our co-creation brought unique value to small business owners!

3. Unfolding the Magic Pinwheel

4 Management Characteristics form the essence of small business success:

  • Belief
  • Focus
  • People/Relationships
  • Persistence

4 Management Skills make up the business operational cycle:

  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Execute
  • Follow-up

Business owner success depends on the co-active dance of balancing the doing/skills with the being/characteristics required for management. 

As we build the origami leaves and relate the skills and characteristics to ourselves, we begin to discover our management strengths, gaps and flow.  We unfold the magic….

Afterall – how much can you really integrate from a lecture on management skills and characteristics.  Without really thinking about how to apply it to yourself…  Building and unfolding origami proves to be a great platform for self-discovery.  To understand concepts.  To see where the concept fits into your thinking.  To rate where you currently are.  For revealing strengths and connecting to new possibilities and directions. To put a new perspective and magic in the process.

I loved to see how the origami served as a great tool for discovery.  How the 2 co-active aspects were enhanced.  How the doing of the building and unfolding worked its own process for each participant.  How the origami magic pinwheel can be applied to Management, Leadership, Listening and more…  I’d love to hear how the magic pinwheel origami platform can enhance more processes and realizations…

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