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Why system-oriented leadership?

What is the biggest leadership challenge today?  Flexibility. Market flux. Short development cycles. Closing the innovation gap.

How do leaders make an impact?  Results are produced by teams. Leaders make an impact via their teams and other relationships.

Picture Courtesy of Venkatesh Rao of RibbonFarm (http://www.ribbonfarm.com/2010/07/13/the-eight-metaphors-of-organization/)

Teams are the GLUE of businesses today! Like a key igniting the engine, the leader is an integral part of driving the team; like the engine, the team is the basic operational component in business. But like an organism, the engine needs to be developed to grow!  What are you losing by NOT developing your teams – your #1 asset?

Are your teams struggling?  High performing & looking for next innovative edge?  Burned out, missing deadlines, over budget? Newly forming? Part of organization in transition? M&A? Undertaking important project? Working in silos? Impacted by gossip & turf protection or other toxic behaviors?

Teams are relationship systems.  With awareness, systems grow and develop – a natural process. With focus, teams begin to produce more sustainable results.  Therefore, it’s a natural process to strive to be better and to advance with follow-up guidance.

Team intelligence or collective intelligence is at the kernel. It’s the entity that binds the team.  That can be greater than the sum of the parts.  If leaders develop team intelligence as a system, the team becomes stronger.  The team grows.  The team is robust to today’s challenges.  The team produces results.  The leader makes greater impact!

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