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How teams drive the business success formula?

Think for a moment about your company project…  What’s missing?  What burdens or limits? Are you focused on people, but wanting faster, more measurable results? To motivate today’s knowledge workers for successful projects, a shift in focus is necessary – from individuals to growing teams.  

This Business Success Formula reveals a power shift:

  • Peak Performance (High Performing Team) = Big Challenge (High Productivity) + Space to Excel (High Positivity) + Engaged People (Thriving Knowledge Workers)

Business success is based on peak performance of knowledge workers and their team. According to Vineet Nayar’s Harvard Business Review Blog, 21 June 2012, the key is creating high performing teams with 3 factors:

  1. Big Challenge – compels the team forward to accomplish the challenge with productivity, shared vision and responsibility!
  2. A Space to Excel – teams in a supportive space where it’s OK to make a mistake – a space to experiment, innovate and create! It’s not enough to just do it….
  3. Engaged People – teams connect with great energy to reach a solution to their challenge!

When engaged people are connected, the formula is simpler: 2 dimensions measure business success, according to research by Team Coaching International: 

  1. Productivity – At its core, teams exist to produce results! Motivated by the big challenge.
  2. Positivity – Team members must also feel connected! Motivated by a positive space to excel.

From your projects, you know: motivating knowledge workers deals with both dimensions – removing obstacles for better productivity and enhancing the environment for a more collaborative, positive space. Therefore, team performance measures are an effective tool for motivating knowledge workers.  You shift from a static, rigid business-as-usual mindset into a growth mindset – from thinking “knowledge is power” to “knowledge management is empowering”.

How have you changed your project due to the team need?!

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