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How to lead your teams to success – A 4-Stage Team Development Methodology

What’s measured gets done!  In my experience, measuring success is the core challenge for project success: How do you connect soft skills and knowledge goals to business measures? How does your project boost the business and people bottom-line? If you provide simple team measures, the environment and people are primed for flexibility, knowledge sharing, innovation, creativity and respect. You’ll institute a framework for successful, sustainable results!  The team development methodology contains 4 stages:

1) First, measure where the team is. In less than 20 minutes, you get a team snapshot. You meet the team and experts where they are. Cuts through the mess… What’s really happening and important for success? For possibly the first time, knowledge workers think of the team as an organic entity.

2) Second, create a roadmap – including how we want to be & where we want to go…. The 14 team success factors help to determine strengths & areas of growth. Buy-in for project goals to internal needs. What’s missing?  What’s not being said?  What wants to happen?  It’s a BIG step to align expectations.

3) Third, work as a team, to get there…. With awareness, teams grow and develop as a system – a natural process for realizing, practicing and integrating new methods. With focus, teams begin to evolve and produce more sustainable results.  Generate new agreements & rules of engagement. Produce the results!

4) Fourth, see improvements with AFTER measures!  The project team gets quick feedback on changes. Concrete measures that show improvement as a team. In my experience, when team growth is paired with challenging business goals, business thrives.

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