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Ask Why Not? instead of Why?

For the last 3 years I’ve been working to add more ease and flow in my life and work.  Coming from over 25 years in the hi-tech environment, I was always pushing, rushing and on the go…  When I took a step back, I understood that there were parts of myself that I’m missing and not using…  Not being fully in the momment and enjoying the small stuff…

My goal: How to mix that positive, active, directive energy with a softer, flowing, heart-based flow?

Mindset change: Going from Why?  to Why Not?

  • Why? is great for understanding the problem?  Going to solution?
  • Being in the hi-tech environment in new program development, system engineering and software development, this mindset served me well!
  • But in my business, most of my time was marketing.  The old mindset wasn’t working….
  • I love challenges.  Thinking. Doing. Achieving.  Get results.   I noticed that if it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t worth doing…
  • So building my own business was a transition: From hard challenges to it’s OK if it’s easy!
  • In my business, managing energy and business focus, i learned to love the dance, the lowest hanging fruits.
  • Ask Why NOT? The challenge in the flow doesn’t have to be hard!

With the new mindset comes new behaviors…  If I find myself working hard, grinding, in frustration, I take a step out.  Ask myself, what’s the easy way?  Open up with positive energy by asking, Why Not?!

Why not try this simple question out for yourself?!

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