Who am I not?

A simple question that is “hard” to answer:  Who am I not? (in relation to my business, relationships, family, etc.)  You can ask the same question for your team or family or business.  Who are we not?

Last year, I found flow in my business dynamics by asking the question: Why not?  The Who am I not question is deeper for me.  It’s not about flow.  But rather about essence.  It hits a personal, internal place.  What is hiding?  What needs to be revealed to succeed?  What must I stand in or develop to get to the next step?  What changes need to happen in me to face the new circumstance?

We tend to be familiar with the deep, philosophical question:  Who am I? But when we ask Who am I not?  it puts us on an edge.  It brings up things that are hidden and not known.  And stuff we might want to be. Stuff we find difficult to deal with. Try and see what you feel inside when you think about what am I not?

For me, it is uncomfortable.  It doesn’t have a “bad” or “negative” connotation.  Rather a place of growth and development and change.  To increase our flexibility, capacity and perspective.

But the interesting thing is that it’s not the same as what are my weaknesses. This puts me on the defensive and calling me wrong.

Who am I not – softens the look on yourself during change.  Opens the door for compassion and at the same time challenge.  New perspectives about new ways to stretch when change happens – as is our normal life flow….

Ask yourself:  Who am I not?  Who are we not?

If you’d like to expand your possibilities, watch for the nonverbal signals of what’s not there.  It will expand your awareness and capacity.  It’s the nonverbal stuff that gives us cues into what’s not? and what’s wanting to happen?

Curious to hear about your experience!

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