About Gloria

Gloria G. Kinrot is U-Solve’s Managing Director & CEO, a recognized knowledge management & collaboration expert, lecturer, facilitator & hands-on business leader in international, Israeli-based businesses.  She founded U-Solve in 2008 & is a Senior Business & Knowledge Consultant & Coach.

A bit about meMy passion over the last 25 years has been establishing and implementing new projects and programs in international organizations.  A passion split between my work and family – succeeding in business world along with being a wife and mother of 3 boys.  My 5 business roles have been: 1) Engineer, 2) Manager/Director, 3) Consultant, 4) Coach, 5) Business owner & freelancer.  Transitioning in 6 fields of interest, from 1) Real-time software development, to 2) System engineering, to 3) World Sales Operations & RFP program development, to 4) Marketing and product management, to 5) Professional services management, to 6) Knowledge management, training and documentation.  Gaining expertise in 6 industries: 1) Defense, 2) Medical devices, 3) Hi-tech / telecommunications, 4) Finance / insurance, 5) Pharmaceuticals, 6) Non-profit.  Globally with diverse cultures and people from my homes in US & Israel, to UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia and more.  Over the last year I opened a new chapter via my own business (U-Solve) and trained as a professional life & business co-active coach.  Merging my passion for new projects and programs with my passion for people and a full, vibrant life.   I love wearing my coat as a coach & developing my independent business with my international and Israeli partners – it’s fitting very well!

Gloria Kinrot holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (magna cum laude) from Rutgers University’s Douglass College in New Jersey, USA.  She is establishing herself as a senior co-active coach within the Coaches Training Institute’s international coaching program.

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