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Why to start CTI coaching certification?

For me, the CTI fundamentals, fulfillment, balance, process and in-the-bones coaching program was a tremendous experience.  The people, the model, the self-awareness and growth – it was a fit for me!  I even worked with a co-active coach to experience the model from the client perspective.  I was building my consulting business with organizational clients alongside, but after process, I started working with paying clients – by phone and in-person.  I loved it!  I knew that I wanted to integrate the coaching methods alongside my experience.  To become a coach.  But as a professional, I felt I owed it to myself to get the international credentials.  To rigorously study the tools and methods.  To be ingrained in the model which I believed in, BEFORE I integrated it into MY way of work…

It was quite an intuitive decision.  In-line with my values.

Now that I’ve completed CPCC and converted it into the ICF ACC as a result, I see that there are more things that I should know and other stuff about coaching that I was quite naïve about…

1)      Coaching is a young profession.  I’m getting a certification that my clients could care less about…  There’s such a large amount of coaches…  Confusion in the ranks.  Time should be taken to really understand what I am selling and why – even BEFORE starting into the certification process.  It will make the training even more powerful, I believe.

2)      My managerial and engineering background provided me an amazing fore.  I “ignored it” during the training.  Being “pure” coactive…  This was very powerful for me. 

3)      The whole world of psychology was opened up to me during certification by our amazing CPL – Certification Pod Leader.  Wow!  That was a gift to have a new world at my fingertips.

4)      The pod is a great support for feedback as well as supervision.  My connection to pod members from Day 1 across the world was fun & exciting.  Showing the power of coaching over the telephone.

5)      Supervision is a key to growth and improvement in the coaching.  The value of each supervisor was not a surprise.  But how I look at each experience.  Being a beginner each time was a GREAT learning experience.  Not only improving my coaching.  Practicing being a client…

6)      Looking at each principle and context in detail helps to ingrain the ideas in consciousness.  For me, this was the most valuable part of the program.  With the resources and sample coaching to show each skill.  Hearing experts in action.

7)      Integrating the coaching training and building the business is NOT something that comes along in the certification process.  But I realized it was important to me and added some supplements to boost my marketing.  It’s important to focus on BOTH the training & the business.  Together the certification experience is even more powerful.  I believe for me that I was “lax” in the business area during certification.  Getting more wrapped up in building my coaching skills and encouraged to lower cost for coaching during this period….

8)      Taping and listening to tapes of my coaching was GREAT self-learning.  Hearing the tone, voice, pace.  Especially in the first 3 months!

9)      My coach was a CPL.  She was my individualized experience to feel what it’s like to be coached by a pro.  This is invaluable.  As well as mentoring and tips on coaching as part of the deal.  Feeling what it’s like to be a client & pushing my agenda.  But I wish there was a more business-oriented focus as well…

10)   Celebration!  During mid-term, final written exam, final pod and the oral exam experience. 

So my 5 reason to go for CTI-certification…

–          Be professional

–          Get ICF certification

–          Know the coactive coaching model inside-and-out

–          Get connected to CTI people & coaches around the world

–          Self-awareness, discovery and feedback as person and coach!

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