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Positive Leadership

When I reflect on Israeli culture – my experience in organizations over the last 25 years & with my 3 boys throughout the education system – I see the method of feedback by criticism that is inherent.  Focus on what’s not there.  It’s genuine.  It’s true and authentic.  To me, it doesn’t drive for growth & change.  Focus on what’s there.  Strengths.  Optomism. 

I’ve been called a person who looks at the bright side.  What CAN be done.  Seeing what’s there.  Not dwelling on what’s not….  Taking this into the organization and teams.  Making this a mode of operation.

As a coach, I look at my clients.  Is it better to have them gain competencies where they are weak?  Is it more fruitful to promote what is easy?  What are the strengths?  To focus on the good & healthy.  To make this the forefront?  There’s many ways of doing things.  My way is to focus on and bolster what exists.  To understand.  To turn up the volume on the positive.

Self-criticism is part of our being.  Rather than focus on building up where we’re weak.  I promote finding others to team with that complement us.  Learning together how to push forward – in business, organizations, community, family, etc.

It’s a Positive Leadership that I believe sets a GREAT tone.  For not only business results & success.  But personal satisfaction & fulfillment.  Why not have both?  Look at the part of the cup that’s FULL – what’s there!

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